Smallbusinesscomputing: Local Advertising on the Net

News Clip: If you’re a small business exclusively serving a local market, you probably think the Internet has little to offer as an advertising medium. And you may be right ó for now.
But the Net is changing. Even if you can’t take advantage of current online advertising opportunities, you should be aware of what’s out there. And you definitely need to be aware of the new opportunities coming down the pike.
According to The Kelsey Group, a Princeton, N.J. market research firm, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) like yours spend about $22 billion a year on local advertising, much of it on Yellow Pages ads.
“There are a lot of dollars at stake,” notes Kelsey Group analyst Greg Sterling.
That makes local SME advertisers very attractive to the Internet advertising industry, especially search engine companies with their paid search services and Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) firms.
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