So T-mobile roams with iPass and MCI choose Boingo

My spin: Just yesterday, T-mobile announced plans to join with iPass, now MCI is working with ipass competitor Boingo. What a great world of wireless mobility we live in! Hint – if you want the widest WiFi connections possible – subscribe to multiple carriers and “roaming” services.
News Clip: MCI (WCOEQ, MCWEQ) today announced it has expanded its remote access services to provide traveling and remote workers with additional high-speed wireless access points and the ability to access information from a personal digital assistant (PDA) through a roaming agreement with Boingo Wireless. With the addition of more than 2,000 global wireless hot spot access points to its existing 600 U.S. Wi-Fi locations, MCI is able to provide customers with the tools necessary to conduct business from almost anywhere in the world.
“MCI is committed to making our remote access solutions simple and secure for our customers,” said Nancy Gofus, senior vice president MCI marketing. “By expanding our hot spot capabilities internationally and making it possible for workers on-the-go to remain connected, our customers no longer worry about missing important messages no matter where they are.”
MCI Remote Access customers will be able to access corporate networks, applications and email from a personal digital assistant (PDA). By expanding MCI’s Access Manager client to work on a PDA, customers can access the same features and functionality they have come to expect from their remote access solution on a personal computer. Adding PDA accessibility to MCI’s Remote Access solution allows customers to take the functionality of their PC out of the office in a handheld device.
Through its roaming agreement with Boingo Wireless, MCI has expanded its Wi-Fi remote access capabilities to more than 2,600 global hotspots including hotels, airports, restaurants and convention centers. MCI plans to add an additional 3,000 wired and wireless hotspot locations in 2004.