Sprint sell its hosting business. (I told you it would on 8 Sep 2003)

My spin: Those faithful readers of mine already knew that Sprint was considering the sale of its hosting business. Well, now Sprint has finally does it and thank God (for the sake of Sprint customers) the sale was not to my web host Hypermart.
Web hosting is not an easy busy to be in. For customers, make sure your data is backed up, at YOUR location and off site. So in case something happens to your web host, your data is safe and sound.
News Clip: Cnet: Sprint announced Monday that it has sold its DellHost Web-hosting business, prompting some of its now-former customers to complain that they weren’t notified as soon as they should’ve been.
Sprint, which purchased the business from computer maker Dell back in fall 2001, sold it to VeriCenter, according to a memo sent to DellHost customers Monday.
“As part of a recent refocusing of its business, Sprint has committed to exit the datacenter hosting business. As a result, Sprint will no longer continue to offer or operate the DellHost portfolio of services,” the memo said.
The switch left some customers feeling a bit miffed, with several complaining they were only notified of the change Monday, even though the transaction was completed Saturday
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