Stop pecking, bu type, on your phone

My spin:Are you tired of having to hit the buttons on your phone, so many times to type a “simple” text message. Well read below for a possible solution.
News Clip: Forbes: It’s not that we have a thing against typed communication — we spend an inordinate portion of our day typing out e-mails, and some of us are addicted to expensive BlackBerrys. It’s just that “texting,” as it’s known, is a hassle on a regular phone.
Unlike, say, your typical 14-year-old mall rat, who texts at every available opportunity, we simply don’t have the time. Who wants to tap the “5” key three times whenever we want an “L”? If it weren’t so hard, I’m sure we’d all be texting like teenagers.
When I heard that someone had found a way to add all the keys of a computer keyboard to a normal cell phone keypad without reducing the numbers to the size of poppy seeds, it didn’t seem possible. But when I actually saw how it’s done, I had the proverbial light-bulb experience. Like that guy in the AT&T Wireless commercial who texts to make up with his wife, I felt like keying “I am an idiot.” Of course! This is how it should be.
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