Toshiba’s PC business

My spin: I already posted something about Toshiba this week from another media source, but CNet’s insight is always useful.
From Cnet: Japan’s Toshiba, once the world’s largest maker of notebook computers, is seen poised for major restructuring of its PC operations as it struggles to halt the division’s flow of red ink and recapture past glory.
But analysts say Toshiba’s priority should be on shifting resources to areas where it has a clear advantage, such as hard disk drives (HDDs), as a fierce price battle involving Hewlett-Packard and Dell has made profits in the PC market elusive.
Hit by aggressive pricing by the two industry leaders, the Japanese electronics conglomerate cut the earnings outlook for its PC and PC peripherals division twice in as many months this year, raising investor concerns about its competitiveness.
Toshiba, which held top spot in the notebook PC market for seven consecutive years to 2000, expects the division to post an operating loss of $196.24 million (21 billion yen) for the year to March, a stark contrast with its initial forecast of a $205.62 million profit.
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