Try out a mobile solution for free. If you like it buy it. If you don’t send it back.

My spin: AirClic’s got a pretty interesting proposal. One barrier to businesses not adopting new technology is the “fear” factor. Investing money in something, only to find that the solution does not work the way they envisioned. AirClick eliminates that problem with their press release today.
News Clip:AirClic today announced the launch of AirClic Express(TM) — an immediate and effective way for customers to deploy and operate wireless mobile information solutions. As part of the Express trial, customers receive a customized solution, incorporating their current business practices, without any development or capital expense.
The AirClic solution enables greater productivity in the field, providing real-time visibility into field activities through an application service. Customers can use the AirClic service to see the field activity via any web- enabled handset, PDA or PC and can import this information into any database. The solution works with a range of handsets operating on multiple wireless networks and incorporating barcode scanning for operational efficiency and accuracy.
During the two-week trial, AirClic works closely with the users to fine- tune the solution. The solution is ready for deployment just days after completing the trial by simply paying a monthly per-user service fee. There are no setup or customization expenses or any changes to the customer’s existing business processes.