Want to keep your Laptop computer? Chain it?

My spin:Computer thef its NOT going to go down. So what can you do to ensure your notebook computer is there after you blink or turn your back? Lock it with a solution from Kensington or some other vendor.
News Clip: Kensington Mobilizes Physical Laptop Security With New MicroSaver(R) Retractable Computer Lock
Kensington Technology Group, the leading provider of accessories that make using computers more comfortable and productive — and creators of the patented Kensington(R) Security Slot built into virtually every laptop made — introduced today the MicroSaver(R) Retractable Computer Lock, the latest innovation in a long line of industry- leading Kensington(R) security products. Specially designed for the mobile computer user with an integrated carrying case that holds a retractable cable and Kensington’s patented T-bar lock, the MicroSaver(R) Retractable Computer Lock makes it easy and convenient for mobile professionals to secure their computers and data while on the road.
The MicroSaver Retractable Computer Lock holds a full four feet of steel cable, which works with a loop in the integrated carrying case to form part of the locking function. With the touch of a button, the cable retracts easily and smoothly into the 4 x 2.5 inch case, helping to keep your laptop carrying case or back pack neat and organized.