When the next release of Windows comes – what will you do?

My spin:Microsoft continues on the path for the next version of Windows, code named Longhorn. While there’s so many that use Windows 98, and many now use XP and 2000 – businesses should start thinking of what they will invest in over the next 2 years or so. I’m sure Longhorn will come with new features to be considered. HOWEVER, YOU must consider a) the investment of time and money to upgrade b) is what you have now (XP and/or 2000) working sufficiently for you?
News Clip: Reuters: Microsoft Corp. said on Tuesday that it is reshuffling its Windows business and creating a new group that would dedicate itself to developing Windows, the world’s largest software maker’s core operating system.
A new group, the Windows Core Operating System Division, will focus its efforts on developing technology for the next release of Windows, code-named Longhorn, Jim Allchin, group vice president in charge of Microsoft Platforms Group, said in a memo sent to employees.
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