When you go online…do you trust that web site?

My spin:Like you (well maybe I’m doing it more) I’ve been on thousands and thousands of web sites and purchased online dozens and dozens of times. However, when you visit a web site even if its a reputable company, is THEIR web site protected from attack and is YOUR data, residing on their web site secure?
Well ScanAlert and Truste will do more to increase the security awareness.
News Clip: The overlapping needs of online privacy and anti-hacker security are now being addressed through an alliance announced today between TRUSTe and ScanAlert.
TRUSTe, the leading privacy certification and seal program, partnered with ScanAlert, provider of the world’s largest Web site security certification service, to extend the effectiveness and visibility of online privacy and Web site security certification. The agreement will focus initially on developing cross and joint marketing opportunities.
Privacy and security are becoming increasingly intertwined. This partnership will enable TRUSTe and ScanAlert to address consumer’s well-documented concerns* regarding privacy and the security of their personal information once they have submitted it online.
“Protecting consumers’ privacy requires ‘policy’ protection on the inside whereas ensuring security requires technology protection from the outside,” noted ScanAlert CEO Ken Leonard. “By joining efforts, we will be able to extend the benefits of privacy and security certification to consumers and online retailers.”
“Good security strengthens the foundations of good privacy,” said Fran Maier, executive director, TRUSTe. “We offer the most trusted privacy certification standard, while ScanAlert’s HACKER SAFE is the most recognized Web site security certification mark. By partnering, there is a natural opportunity for us to better protect consumers who are online.”
*An August 2003 BizRate/TRUSTe survey of online shoppers revealed that 90 percent of online shoppers are concerned about their personally identifiable information.