Wireless technology is easier to get than you think

My spin:Although the world of wireless and mobile computing may SOUND complicated. It’s a maturing industry and there’s enough companies using and developing various wireless technologies, that you should consider its applicability for your own needs. Many vertical industries such as healthcare, insurance and others are perfect candidates.
News Clip: CRN: Symbol Technologies and IBM will collaborate on new wireless handheld and scanning solutions aimed at vertical markets including retail, public sector and travel.
“This partnership really allows us to take advantage of each other’s leading-edge technologies,” said Tony Kinard, vice president of strategic alliances for IBM Global Services. “Together we think we’ll be much better in the marketplace.”
The partnership extends a 15-year relationship and aims to create flexible industry-specific bundled solutions such as supply chain management and sales-force automation. The net result will be a line of Symbol products running on embedded IBM mobile middleware.
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