You can roam with your cell and you can roam with your WiFi

My spin:Using your cell phone all over the country is a thoughtless process, due to the national networks of carriers and their peer roaming agreements. However, those who subscribe to a public WiFi account , say via T-Mobile can not use one from another WiFi carrier. But iPass is working to ensure that WiFi customers can “roam” from account to account for better wireless integration.
News Clip: Cnet: Leading wireless access operator T-Mobile USA and corporate network service provider iPass have reached an agreement that allows subscribers to access each other’s networks.
The agreement will significantly enhance the reach of each company’s services, which are used primarily by corporate customers. Redwood Shores, Calif.-based iPass sells a service that allows employees to remotely tap corporate networks; T-Mobile is the largest provider of Wi-Fi Internet access in the United States with nearly 4,000 locations.
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