ZD Net: Linux tablet PC breaks $1,000 barrier

A small PC maker and a Linux distributor have teamed up to offer a tablet-style PC for $999, hundreds of dollars less than similar devices running Microsoft’s Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software.
The Helium 2100, from Staten Island, N.Y.-based manufacturer Element Computer, is a convertible PC with a sliding screen that can be positioned for use as a traditional notebook PC or folded down for use as a touch-screen tablet device.
The device runs on a 1GHz Antaur processor from Via Technologies, includes a 30GB hard drive and uses a customized version of the open-source Linux operating system put together by Lycoris, a Seattle-area company that specializes in dressing up Linux with a user interface similar to Microsoft’s Windows. (full story)

My spin: Two of the most expensive parts of a PC are the processor and the operating system. Getting a low cost, non-Intel chip/processor combined with Linux makes any PC pretty cheap. Now – will consumers buy a Linux based tabletPC? Not many – they want want everyone else has and is using – Windows.