300,000 Linux-Based Laptops To Hit The Market at $699 Price Point

My spin: If I had a choice between a $700 Linux laptop and a $700 PC based one…(or a $1500 PC based one), I’d go for the PC based on. For now, Linux is not for most businesses, unless there’s a specific reason why you want Linux.
ELITEGROUP Computer Systems Co. Ltd. (ECS: 2331.TW) today announced the deployment of more than 300,000 of their laptops bundled with LindowsOS Laptop Edition (www.lindows.com/laptop ). The US-bound laptops come complete with built-in WiFi at a sub-$700 price-point. To visit retailers who are currently selling the Linux laptop, visit www.lindows.com/ecsusabuy. ECS will also begin additional shipments to Canada (www.lindows.com/ecscanadabuy ).