Anchor Desk: When a ‘value’ PC is good enough

My spin: Sometimes I guess you do need a nice, shiny new, name brand computer. However, as David Coursey writes below, an “off brand” eMachines PC or maybe by some other vendor, will do you just fine in most cases. For your BUSINESS and you need the best support possible, CONSIDER an emachines or some other low brand, but you’d probably want to turn to a DELL, IBM, or HP computer.

Anchor Desk: RECENTLY, I had to purchase a machine for my new assistant, Rachel. She already has a very decent iMac. But for the past few days I’ve needed her to do a lot of scheduling for me. That means she needs to see my Outlook calendar, something that’s not possible (as best I can tell) using Entourage (which is to the Mac what Outlook is to the PC, only less). We’re also using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2003, so Steve Jobs will just have to understand.
Thursday night, after an Outlook mix-up led to someone calling for a phone meeting I wasn’t expecting, I decided it was time to get Rachel a PC, so she’d have full access to Outlook and we’d always be in sync. Having decided that, the next decision was how, where, and what to buy.
I’d like to say I did an exhaustive search for the perfect machine for the task at hand. But any Windows XP machine should be able to run Microsoft Office nicely. And this wasn’t supposed to be a “big” computer (I have the Media Center for that), just a box for Rachel to use for office work.
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