Anchord Desk: How you’ll talk to your PDA–and it’ll listen

My spin: If voice commands can work and work well I’m all for it. I use voice dialing to call my home from my cell phone and love it. When there’s background noise it does not work though.
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of voice as a user interface. What’s more natural than speaking to a device and telling it what to do? OK, I realize that doesn’t seem very natural right now, but it will when the technology is finally baked and starts appearing in consumer products.
Whenever I voice this enthusiasm, I hear criticism. One common rap: “I can’t imagine a whole office full of people, sitting in their cubes, talking to their computers.”
FRANKLY, I can’t imagine that either, although those same people think nothing of talking on the phone all day. Done properly, a voice interface to the PC would probably get a lot more work done than most of those calls. What my critics lack is what was once called “the vision thing.”
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