AP: E-Mail Worm Snarls Computers Around Globe

My spin: Did you get this virus? I got so many email messages, carrying this virus, however as I did not open them I did not get infected.
An e-mail worm that looks like a normal error message but actually contains a malicious program continued to snarl computers around the world on Tuesday.
MessageLabs Inc., which scans e-mail for viruses, said 1 in every 12 messages contained the worm, called “Mydoom” or “Novarg.” Security experts described it as the largest virus-like outbreak in months, one made more problematic by its timing.
The worm began spreading rapidly Monday during business hours in the United States, where the world’s computers are concentrated. Many recent outbreaks began during Asian business hours ó overnight in the United States ó allowing anti-virus vendors to develop new defenses by the time U.S. companies opened up shop.
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