An Army of Printing Gadgets, Eager to Serve

My spin: Wireless technology sets one free from the unsightly, tripping hazard, mess of wires. There’s so many gadgets and gizmos you can use. See the NYT article below for a few!
The growing array of options for printing wirelessly from computers, hand-held organizers and cellphones includes wired and wireless print servers, Bluetooth modules, and printers with built-in wireless connectivity. Most of the products are readily available online and at electronics stores.
Wired print servers like the DP-301U from D-Link (, $79 at, connect U.S.B. printers to networks for printing from Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Others include the Iogear GPSU01 (, $50 at CompUSA; the HPS1U from Hawking Technologies (, $60 at PC Connection; and the PS101 from Netgear (, $80 at CompUSA, which works with parallel-port printers.
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