Best Storage Hardware for Small Biz

My spin: I just bought a USB Wester Digital, external, hard disk for video capture on my PC, it cost $180, not including an $80 rebate. But for businesses that need terrabytes and multi-gigabytes of storage it’s going to cost a lot more than $100.
News Factor: Small businesses face many of the same regulatory demands for data storage and retention as larger corporations. A small brokerage firm is governed by the same SEC regulations as Merrill Lynch, for example. “If Merrill gets fined, it’s chump change,” Arvidson remarked. “But if I’m a small brokerage, it’s going to kill me.”
Data storage and backup is a lot like insurance: You know you should have it, but you hope you never have to use it. For small businesses — often without dedicated I.T. staff responsible for storage and backup — having that insurance policy is critical.
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