Cnet: EarthLink: Outage lingered for DSL customers

My spin: This has happened to my office a few times over the years. We use Intercom via Covad as our DSL provider and a few times a Verizon prbolem has affected us. So…I guess it pays to a) have a backup broadband connection (which can be expensive) or a back up dial up connection, if you have a small office.
Internet service provider EarthLink confirmed Thursday that it is still recovering from an interruption in service that left some of its broadband customers in the San Francisco Bay Area without a connection.
A company representative said the ISP originally underestimated the effects of a power outage at one of its facilities, which led to an interruption in service for dial-up and DSL (digital subscriber line) customers. As earlier reported, EarthLink claimed Wednesday that the situation had been completely remedied. But now, it says that it later realized that some 12,000 of its DSL users continued to be without service.
The company said the oversight was based on a secondary chain of events touched off by the power issue. EarthLink said that when the original power outage occurred, the incident caused problems with a number of its DSL routers that serve the Bay Area, causing more extensive interruptions for some customers. As a result of the issue, the DSL routers could not be reset as a group and were being brought back online manually, resulting in the extended delays.
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