Cnet: Software makers patch Zip tiff

My spin: Most people, when they receive a “zip’ file, don’t think much about it, except double clicking on the file and waiting for it to de-compress. However, zip files are created and opened by two popular, competing companies and their respective formats – PKware and Winzip. (there are other companies but these are the most popular ones)
Guess what, these companies were very close to having two different compression standards making it a headache for consumers to open and compress files. Now there is some agreement and things will be pretty ok – for now.
From Cnet: Two specialty software makers have patched up a dispute that threatened to undermine the popular Zip file compression format.
Wisconsin-based PKWare, the company that created and published the Zip standard, announced late Wednesday that it is including its new SecureZip security extension in the code it provides to other software makers that license the Zip format, including its main competitor, Connecticut-based WinZip.
For more than a decade, Zip has been the most common format for shrinking files to more easily store or transmit them over the Internet. Dozens of software programs, including tools built into recent versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, can read and decompress any file bearing extension.
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