Cnet: Study: Small businesses wary of Microsoft

My spin: I think that every company should try to not have ONE company provide all of their services, as much as can be helped. Redundancy is a good thing. HOWEVER, having a suite of applications that can all talk together and are interoperable is ExCELLENT and even makes the learning curve easier.
So, I don’t think businesses should worry about investing in Microsoft technology – Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows Office. For other things, there’s so many other vendors to consider.
Cnet: Many small and midsize companies harbor some level of trepidation regarding how dependent they have become on Microsoft software, according to a survey.
A report Boston-based The Yankee Group released Wednesday shows that some 43 percent of small and midsize businesses are “concerned” about becoming “overly reliant” on Microsoft’s products and services. The study focused on information technology needs at 600 companies with fewer than 500 employees.
Microsoft did not immediately return calls seeking comment on the report.
Seventy-two percent of the surveyed companies said it is actively seeking to lessen the dominance of Microsoft’s products in its operations by exploring alternative vendors.
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