Cnn: Are you surviving the e-maelstrom?

My spin: Sure, I’m surviving the e-mail “storm” but I must say it is a PAIN and highly annoying. To get thousands of spam messages every day. My “real” email is not that much, but maing email newsletters and then maybe several dozen a day of “business” email.
Cnn: The arrival of e-mail in the mid 1990s was heralded as a new era of office communication, with promises efficiency and speed.
Yet nearly 10 years on, the white-collar worker can easily drown under a torrent of messages.

Sorting out e-mails can suck hours out of a working day — just ask anyone who returns to their desk after the holidays only to find their in box bursting at the seams.
“You know in today’s business world if you get behind in your e-mail you fall out of touch very quickly,” Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers told CNN.
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