Consumers Overcome Cell Phone Number Portability Woes With Phone Synchronization Product From Pumatech

Intellisync(R): Phone Edition Software Enables Users Forced to Switch Phones When Changing Wireless Carriers to Easily Migrate Contact Data to New Devices
On Nov. 24, 2003, consumers gained the ability to switch wireless carriers and take their local cellular phone number with them through a federal mandate from the FCC called the Wireless Local Number Portability Initiative. This initiative has given new flexibility to consumers who have wanted to change carriers, but who didn’t want to go through the hassles of switching phone numbers.
While consumers now have the freedom to make this transition, the process is still not hassle-free. Most consumers who choose to change wireless carriers will also have to purchase new phones, since wireless companies tend to use different technologies. For the countless people who have come to rely on their cell phones as digital address books, storing tens and hundreds of contacts, the thought of having to manually transfer these contacts from one
phone to another is potentially a more prohibitive scenario than changing their cell phone number itself.
Pumatech’s Intellisync: Phone Edition Software Helps Consumers Take Advantage of New Freedoms Without The Headaches Associated With Switching Phones
San Jose-based Pumatech is helping to ensure that the portability initiative is as empowering as its proponents intended with a recently introduced product called Intellisync: Phone Edition. This solution enables users to easily synchronize their old and new phones with their Microsoft Outlook desktop contact manager — providing a pain-free way to transfer contact information. This process also enables easy backup of contact data to ensure the information is not lost if the phone is misplaced, stolen or damaged. Users also gain the added benefit of being able to manage
contact information with Microsoft Outlook, instead of with the small, cumbersome interface of their mobile phones.
Intellisync: Phone Edition is currently available through the Pumatech Web Store at and through major software retailers like Fry’s and Best Buy. The product supports many of today’s most popular and widely adopted phones, including models from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Sanyo. The software synchronizes these mobile phones with Microsoft Outlook 98, 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003.
Intellisync: Phone Edition includes two components, both of which are required to perform synchronization between mobile phones and Microsoft Outlook. The components — the Intellisync: Phone Edition software and a phone-specific Intellisync: Phone Edition cable — are sold separately at a cost of $34.95 each. Current Intellisync users can buy Intellisync: Phone Edition at a reduced price of $27.45 for each component. For more information about
Intellisync: Phone Edition or the mobile phones it supports, please visit