Faith in Net’s force rises, falls with Dean

My spin: Howard Dean’s experience with the ‘net is just like any other business. He’s used the tool, of the Internet arguably better than anyone else. HOWEVER, the ‘net is ONLY a tool. So let’s say Dean does not win any states, does that mean the ‘net has failed? No, it just means that the other aspects of Dean’s business did not work. One big aspect could be that Democrats and independents voting want Kerry and not Dean. Nothing to do with the Internet in this case. Let’s now “throw the baby out with the bath water”.
Cnet: Howard Dean’s second-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, following his lackluster performance in the Iowa caucuses, raises the obvious question: To what extent has the Internet truly transformed politics?
Dean has pointed to the Internet as a crucial part of his self-described “Greatest Grassroots Campaign in History,” and, through his Web site, managed to raise more money than any other Democrat running for president in 2004.
“Only the people have the power to realize the vision upon which this country was founded,” Dean said last year. “The Internet provides us with ways to bring new life to those ideals in every community.”
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