Forbes: Key Chain Drives Take Off

My spin: I’ve used a key chain drive for about a year or so now and love it. However, always back up your data – they can easily get lost or crushed in your pocket if you are playing with your kids on the monkey bars at a park. Hmmm…I know. Trust me.

Forbes: The concept of the key chain drive has taken off like a pocket-sized rocket.
The little devices, usually a dense collection of flash memory chips mated with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection, have more or less supplanted the floppy disc as the portable data storage medium of choice in the last year or so.
We first noticed what then was an emerging product trend way back in 2001 (see “Ten O’Clock Tech: Key Chain Computing”), when a paltry 64 megabytes cost $200. Thankfully, technology has improved to the point where you can get twice as much capacity for only about a third as much money.
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