Forgoing Software For a Firewall You Can See

My spin: There’s several FREE firewall programs one can download that work pretty good for keeping your computer safe from malicious computer code, hackers and the like. HOWEVER, if you want the best security get a hardware based firewall that goes outside of your computer. If your PC breaks down, or the firewall software gest mucked up you won’t be protected. A firewall appliance is much better than firewall software.
NY Times: With worms and viruses – not to mention malicious humans – loose on the Internet, sitting down at your computer to do a little Web browsing can feel a bit like exposing yourself to the Sword of Damocles, that legendary blade suspended by a thread and a bit of luck. But a good shield can deflect many a sword, and hence comes AlphaShield, a hardware firewall said by its eponymous manufacturer to be “100 percent unhackable” and backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee.(full story)