Franklin Launches Multi-Feature ROLODEX(R) Electronics Organizers at CES

My spin: Being able to easily keep track of your contacts and schedule is very important. There’s an entire market of PDA’s of course – based on Palm and Microsoft operating systems. Franklin makes a competing product, which although functionaly no different than a regular PDA, since its based on a proprietary operating system you don’t have access to the wide array of Palm or Pocket PC based software.
You’ve really got to determine if Franklin’s PDA is really for you or not since its not a Palm or Pocket PC based PDA.
Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc. (AMEX:FEP) , the worldwide leader in handheld information, today introduced new ROLODEX(R) Electronics organizers as part of their E-Z FILE and Touch FILE series. Franklin will introduce these innovative personal organization products at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show (January 8-11), in Las Vegas. E-Z File and Touch FILE series products offer simple, affordable and effective solutions for consumers looking to electronically organize contact and calendar information.
Franklin’s ROLODEX(R) Electronics E-Z FILE organizers offer quick and easy data entry, instant contact information retrieval and memo alerts to keep tasks and appointments on track. Select E-Z FILE organizers even include PC synchronization capabilities to aid data entry and ensure that information remains up-to-date.
Franklin’s ROLODEX(R) Electronics Touch FILE series products enable maximum productivity with advanced features such as touch-screen, built-in calendar, address book and task lists. Additionally, one-touch function keys, on-screen alphabetic tabs and rotary dial allow users to easily navigate and instantly locate information within considerable onboard memory.