Homeland Security Launches Cyber Alert System

My spin: While it’s great that the DHS is trying its best to keep us safe, sending alerts via email is crazy. The system should be web based with the option for fax and email as an option. With so much spam and email coming in as a virus, having an email alert about a virus is ironic. Also, what happens if your computer goes down?
News Factor: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has announced an e-mail alert system that will warn computer users in real-time — both technology professionals and home users — of security vulnerabilities, potential impact, and how to mitigate any impending threats.
The announcement comes just two days after the discovery of MyDoom≠, a fast moving, particularly nasty Internet worm.
Actionable Information
“The development and initial operating capability of the National Cyber Alert System elevates awareness and helps improve America’s I.T. security posture,” Amit Yoran, director of the National Cyber Security Division, says in a statement. “We are focused on making the threats and recommended actions easier for all computer users to understand, prioritize, and act upon.”
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