I’m still a nerd!!!

Well, with relief I have just installed a 2nd drive (DVD burner) and am on the way to install a hard disk (USB – easy). However, I’m happy that I have not lost my touch of nerd-ness or basic PC upgrade skills. I’ve NOT done computer consulting in so long as now I only write and speak.
This leads me to the real reason of this post – VIDEO TAPING and EDITING IS SO FUN.
I recently bought a cheap $400 digital video camera (using mini-DV) taps from JVC., in addition there’s a sony camera I have access to that’s the professional type.
So I’ve been taping like crazy. But alas how to view the video, well from video camera to monitor in my home but more importantly how to DISSEMINATE the video?
Well…I spent hours online, comparing prices and etc and finally went to Circuit City (twice) and bought a USB hard disk (80 GB) and, DVD burner, USB hub, DVD and CD-Rom media. I got Pinnacle’s Studio 8 video editing software included for free with the DVD burner and I got about $150 or so of rebates!!!!
TIP – if you JUST shop at the retail store you won’t see all the rebate offers. I first went to Circuit City’s online store and saw that there were rebates on certain items. I bought these items and the rebate info came out automatically.
TIP2 – Circuit City is a GREAT electronics retailer. The help at my store is not that great though.
Now I can take videos, edit them (add sound, text, etc), and make my own DVD or video’s!!!
A whole new world is opening up for me…watch out for a video camera at an event near you – soon!!!!