Intuit – doing just fine now that Best Software and ACCPAC are married

A few days after ACCPAC announced their being purchased by Best Software, I talked with Intuit’s Quickbook’s product manager and their lead point person on al things small business. Here’s some of his comments and insight.
ACCPAC had $30 million in sales in the US market, while Quickbooks did $250 million in a larger pie of $500 million in SMB products and services overall under the right for my business strategy.
Best Software has only 1% retail unit market share. Intuit does work HUGELY with influencers such as acountants and to a less extent VARs. However, Intuit’s analysis reveals that a great majority of SMBS don’t buy products from a VAR and is not going ot make a big push into the var world
However, developers are critical, hence the growing popularity of Intuit’s Intuit Developer Network (IDN). IDN is a way for Intuit to extend the functionality of Quickbooks. Independent developers work to create add-on software to Quickbooks.
Microsoft is trying to compete in all areas and is fighing a multi-front war. They have tried to beat Intuit before.
So, how do SMB’s know what to buy with so many (well consolidating) choices available?
Ask yourself: what is the most important problem I’m trying to solve. Also ask who are my customers? how are my finances? do I have specific industry problems and need specific solutions?
Once these quesitons are answered then you can consider how much you to pay and decide if you want a a VAR, to purchase via a retail store or direct from the sotware vendor.
Intuit’s take on the market ? Customers vote with their feet and customers are voting, in large part with Intuit.