IP-LINQ’s New Wireless Phone Kit Charges Cell Phones Anywhere & Anytime With Pocket Size Cable Solutions

My spin: Oh the blessings and wonders of innovation!
ZIP-LINQ, a global leader in retractable cable technology, announced today the retail launch of the ZIP-LINQ “3 in 1” Wireless Phone Charger Kit at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), BOOTH # 22711G in the Las Vegas Convention Center – South Hall 3&4. The ZIP-LINQ Wireless Phone Charger Kit conveniently charges wireless phones at home, while in the car, or on the road with your laptop.
The ZIP-LINQ “3 in 1” kit can charge your phone in as little as an hour from the USB port of your PC or Mac, a wall adapter, and a car adapter. ZIP- LINQ’s Retractable Cable design enables the connection between the charger and the phone to expand & retract from 4 inches to 30 inches in length. Each ZIP- LINQ cable device is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
“Now users can say goodbye to tangled cables with the ZIP-LINQ retractable cable design,” said Rick Pedro, Vice President of ZIP-LINQ. “The ZIP-LINQ Wireless Phone Charger Kit is a complete and portable connectivity solution for the mobile world we live in today.”
The ZIP-LINQ Wireless Phone Kit I is a nine piece set which includes a retractable USB cable, two adapters for various Motorola phones, three different adapters for Nokia, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson phones, a wall adapter, a car adapter and a booster that increases the voltage from the five- volt USB port to the six volts needed for some phones. The kit is compatible with more than 170 different phone models.