Kurant Corporation, a leading provider of e-business software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), today announced that it has integrated UPS OnLineÆ Tools into StoreSense, its award-winning e-business platform.
Merchants using StoreSense complete with UPS Online Tools can digitize their entire shipping process, allowing online customers to shop, ship and track merchandise from a single location. These merchants can now offer their customers real-time package tracking, shipping rate and service selection, address validation, and the ability to print UPS shipping labels. This increased efficiency and functionality can help merchants reduce merchandise returns, decrease customer support phone calls, and virtually eliminate address errors at order entry.
“Integrating UPS OnLine Tools within third-party applications increases the ease of use of UPS services for our customers’ customers, while adding value to their applications. In this case, Kurant enables merchants and their customers to easily and quickly complete shipping transactions to improve their online shopping experience,” said Jeff Enyart, senior director, Customer Technology Marketing for UPS.
“By integrating UPS Online tools into StoreSense, we are making the online purchase process easier and more flexible for our merchants and their customers,” said Curtis Pierce, president and CEO of Kurant. “UPS is a leader in its space and helps consumers feel at ease when purchasing items on the Web.”