News Factor: Corporate Users Abandoning Their Desktop PCs

My spin: If you’ve got a comfortably great notebook PC – a desktop PC is not really needed. Especially for the worker that needs to move around, be on a plane, get home, visit a client…they need their data. PDA’s are great (mind is not working right now – my Palm M515) but NOTHING can replace a real, PC in a notebook form factor.
While more and more companies are clipping the wires between the network and their employees, the move toward wireless local and wide area networks is creating a bifurcated world, says Aberdeen Group’s Peter Kastner. Those companies that can invest in wireless infrastructure — Intel, Cisco and Microsoft, for example — are doing so.
For years, pundits have been predicting that the desktop computer — with its bulky CPU unit and hulking monitor — is a thing of the past. And while that scenario has not come to pass, and is not likely to anytime soon, a migration of sorts has begun.
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