NY Times: As Consumers Revolt, a Rush to Block Pop-Up Online Ads

William Smith, who runs 40 Web sites, says 10 percent to 20 percent of his income comes from pop-up ads.
My spin: I used to have a pop-up adv for my newsletter on smallbiztechnology.com but then for technical reasons it would not work right. However, in retrospect, it was annoying so I don’t have now anyhow.
Guess what, I use the Google toolbar with it’s pop-up blocker in FULL EFFECT!
But why did/do were pop-ups used – because they do work and have a higher click through than regular banner ads in many cases.
The boom in Internet pop-up advertisement may be about to, well, pop.
The big ads that flash in separate windows above or below Web pages are among the most intrusive, and to many people, the most obnoxious features on the Internet. Not coincidentally, the pop-up format is also among the most effective for advertisers and the most profitable for Web site publishers.
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