PC World: PayPal Scam Spreads Mimail Worm

My spin: Scams and Spams go together like love and marrage, like white on rice and like – well you get the message. Before you click on any link in your email be VERY, VERY careful. Further more be very careful once you land at the web site to ENSURE it’s a ligitimate web site of where you want to be. eBay.com for example and not ebai.com.
Ensure you have the lastest anti-virus tools and firewall protection also.
After releasing a new version of the Mimail e-mail worm last week, virus authors are using a new tool to help it spread: spam e-mail containing a Trojan horse program that, once installed, retrieves and installs the worm.
The new threat, which targets customers of EBay’s PayPal online payment service, highlights a growing trend in which online criminals combine computer viruses, spam distribution techniques, Trojan horse programs, and “phishing” scams to circumvent security technology and fool Internet users, says Carole Theriault, security consultant at Sophos in Abingdon, England.
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