The PEOPLE SAY: Give us LESS (in our mobile devices)

My spin: I guess it takes a major outfit like Jupiter to find out that mobile users want LESS in their mobile devices and not more.
I’ve been saying this for quite some time now. Mobile devices are not intended to be notebook replacements. If you really want to do a mutli-media presentation, write pages of text, get your fat email attachments and etc, then DO NOT get a PDA. Instead, get a small notebook computer. But if you want to quickly check some short emails, remotely check out some data in a corporate database, check your calendar, to do list and look up one of thousands of contacts get a PDA.
ZD NET: According to the study, released Tuesday, consumers and business users are more apt to use handhelds that offer voice and personal information management (PIM) capabilities-ñor a combination of the two–rather than devices that also include a host of other integrated functions.
“Too many features are being integrated into the devices, at the expense of the sum being less than all of its parts,” said Michael Gartenberg, Jupiter vice president and research director.
“The manufacturers aren’t asking users the right questions,” he said. “They’re asking people if they want just one device instead of three–and of course people say yes. What they’re not asking is, how many devices are you willing to carry? We found people are usually willing to carry three.” (full story)

All I can say is duh…..