PlumChoice Launches Virtual On-Site Computer Support for Home and Small Office Market

My spin: I hate the word “first” and “until now…”. It used so much and means nothing. Exeprt City and others have been working on remote solutions for years. Come on now PlumChoice.
PlumChoice Computer Help, a leading computer support company, today introduced the first hands-free, web-based computer support service for the home and small business market. The new service offers increased convenience, security and a more affordable price point for the home, home office and small office PC user.
“Until now, small business and home PC users have had to take their computers to a repair shop or wait for a costly on-site visit in order to fix computer problems or remove viruses. PlumChoice offers the next generation computer support solution for anyone who depends upon their computer, and lacks in-house support,” stated Ted Werth, president of PlumChoice Computer Help. “Users can now get PC support ‘on-demand’ right through the Internet,” he added.
The service works through secure desktop sharing enabling a remote support technician to access a PC or network via the Web. A remote technician can now interact directly with the user’s computer while the user watches. The user controls access to their PC, as well as the length of a support session. The user can interact with the support technician via telephone or a live chat session directing them to known problems or areas of concern. Pricing is based on 15 minute support increments.
PlumChoice’s virtual on-site support service addresses many PC and network problems including eliminating pop-up ads, fixing email and software glitches, setting up peripherals and networks, increasing speed and performance, performing back-ups, removing viruses and installing firewalls and anti-virus software.
“We are excited to offer this invaluable and affordable resource for home and small business PC users who don’t have the luxury of an IT department,” stated Susan Cooney, marketing director for PlumChoice. “The ease-of-use and speed of delivery is unmatched. PC users no longer have to put up with crashes, persistent email problems or a slow machine.”
PlumChoice also recently introduced its Partner Program enabling medium to large-size businesses to contract PlumChoice virtual on-site support services for its employees, small business customers and business travelers. The program offers additional benefits to employees and telecommuters and provides value-added benefits to customers.