Pumatech Unveils Plans for Personal SyncNet Architecture

My spin: Most of us have data scattered all over the place. In my case – my PDA, cell phone, home office computer, notebook computer and “main” office computer. Wow…I’d love an EASY solution that would let me connect these various data sets together. Right now, the solution is via my PDA for the computers – but not via the cell phone. This works farily well for now – but a better solution is more than welcome.
Pumatech, Inc. (NASDAQ:PUMA) , a leading provider of synchronization and mobilization software, today announced its vision for future products that will allow users to synchronize, access, share and manage digital information across a personal network of computers, consumer electronics and mobile devices. Pumatech’s Personal SyncNet(TM) Architecture is intended to help users effectively manage the increasing amounts of digital information they create and acquire daily, including music, photos, videos, address books, e-mail, PIM data, office documents and streamed information from home electronics and appliances. In addition, SyncNet will be designed to enable consumers to manage information on home appliances by remotely checking their status and updating their programmed settings. Another significant feature of SyncNet will be its ability to enable information sharing among trusted friends, family and colleagues, using the Internet as a secure, always-on transport mechanism.