Quark Form Artist: Easily Create Simple (or complex) Forms and Intelligently Access the Data

I’ve been using forms for several years on my web site and each time, it’s been a pain. I’d guess I’m not the only one feeling this pain.
For one, you’ve got to install computer code or scripts on your web site and an accompanying program at your web site host.
Most web site use a simple script that emails the output of a form to someone. This “simple” script entails, placing the proper code on your web page(s). Then downloading what’s called a “CGI Script” to your computer. Then configuring that script for your specific web site. Once this is done you’ve then got to correctly upload the script to you web server.
There’s a lot of great free script’s out there, one being Matt’s Script Archives. One of the best resources for scripts I might add.
If you want someone else to do MOST of the dirty work for you, you can subscribe to a HOSTED option. Here, there’s no CGI script to upload to your web server or anything, you input a few lines of code onto the web page(s) where you want your form to be. Matt provides a solution at formail.com
All of these solutions work nice for many people. However, there’s a few problems with these options:
1. For those not very computer literate, creating forms can be a real pain
2. These options don’t provide a lot of flexibility in creating complex forms. Sure complex forms can be created, but if YOU don’t know how to program in Java Script, PHP or some other code you’ll be paying someone to do it. If you want to create many forms, at will for several different projects this can get not only expensive but a hassle.
3. Maybe you don’t want form output emailed to you but want it stored in a database? Maybe you want that database to be shared with another application?
I’ve used Gossamer-Threads Dbman for years. It works well but again, it CAN be a tedious operation to get it working the way you want – it’s not like typing a letter in Word Perfect. It’s more like installing a remote connection between two of your office computers.
Well this brings me to THE SOLUTION. (full story)