Seattle Times: Internal IBM memo seeks firm’s switch to Linux system

My spin: As more and more larger businesses start to adopt Linux for their corporations, we’ll see more and more smaller businesses do the same. Linux is already widely used for servers and appliances, the next battle is on the end user’s desktop. IBM’s made a first move, others will follow.
NOTE: Microsoft operating systems are still the OS of choice and should be for small-medium sized businesses. But as more companies offer better support and services, like IBM is doing, this will change.
ARMONK, N.Y. ó In an internal memo that reached the Internet, an IBM executive challenges company employees to abandon Microsoft operating systems by the end of next year.
Such a shift would be a dramatic boost for IBM’s efforts to sell its corporate customers software based on the open-source Linux operating system.
The message from IBM’s chief information officer, Robert Greenberg, says Big Blue’s chairman, Samuel Palmisano, had challenged the company’s information-technology department, “and indeed all of IBM, to move to a Linux-based desktop before the end of 2005.”
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