Smallbusinesscomputing: Emerging Technology and the IT Lifecycle

My spin: An EXCELLENT, must read, article about how to PLAN for and not just REACT to technology’s lifecycle.
Your office is full of 386’s and 486’s running DOS 3.1 applications. WordPerfect 5.2 was a great word processing application in its day, but you are tired of your client’s complaints about not being able to read your deliverables. Boot-up takes more time than your first morning cup of coffee. You know you are overdue to replace your old unsupportable systems.
Many larger companies replace their hardware systems on a regular cycle ó usually every two or three years ó and their software platforms are in sync with vendor releases. They might not have the latest technology ó unless their business warrants it ó but they do tend to remain reasonably current. Just because you do not have the deep pockets of a large company does not mean that you cannot also benefit from paying attention to your information technology (IT) infrastructure.
So, what is the next step? You have talked to some vendors, but they are just confusing you with the many available options. Is the recommended replacement solution common best practice, or “bleeding edge” technology? How can you insure that you are making the best IT decision for your business? This month we will discuss the IT lifecycle and the tradeoffs of implementing emerging rather than established technology solutions for a small business.
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