Spam laws – a blessing in disguise.

My spin: Congress’ new spam laws can be a pain for some, but can be a blessing in disguise for others – those who want to be associated as being an email marketing and online publisher and NOT a spammer!
PS – I use Roving’s Constant Contact and you should too!
Business Week reads: Gail Goodman, the CEO of marketing-software outfit Roving Solutions is mighty relieved that Congress finally passed an anti-spam bill. It’s not that she thinks the legislation will finally halt spam — she doesn’t. It’s that she and her cohorts in the E-mail Service Provider Coalition (ESPC) can finally stop lobbying Congress and return their focus to building what they say is the real spam solution: a formal registry of legitimate marketers, and a screening system that lets service providers boot the bad guys, without also getting rid of student — loan approvals, subscription e-mail newsletters, college-acceptance letters, and all the other e-mails that recipients actually want to read. (full story)