A Study In E-Commerce Opposites

My spin: You can read my earlier post on my love of Amazon.com vs ebay although I have not yet purchased a used electronic product from Amazon but have from eBay. Why? I had not thought about it until recently as I only thought of Amazon.com for used (and new) books and new electronics.
eBay has zillions of sellers and buyers and is great. But I love Amazon.com’s clean interface and buyer’s protection.
Washington Post: EBay and Amazon.com, the Internet’s top two e-commerce sites, are taking opposite approaches to growth. EBay raised its prices this month for the fourth year in a row, while Amazon renewed its pledge to keep cutting prices even if it means lower profits.
The contrast reflects how much more power the highly profitable eBay wields than Amazon.com, which reported its first-ever annual profit this week. Their business models differ, too, since eBay owns no inventory and its prices are commissions charged to sellers.
But their diverging strategies also suggest a difference in attitude that may bode well for Amazon and ill for eBay.
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