Technology Marketing: Ziff Develops Influencer Segmentation Model

Ziff Davis Media today announced that it has developed a new segmentation model for its advertisers to use in targeting business influencers.
The Business Influencer Segmentation Model (BISM) is based on the Millward Brown IntelliQuest CIMS Business Influencer Study, and is intended for use with IntelliQuest studies.
Using six separate segmentations, BIMS measures the depth and breadth of technology professionals. The segmentations are: 1) Whales in ocean (6 percent of total universe); 2) Big fish in lake (14 percent); 3) Big fish in small pond (17 percent); 4) Small fish in small pond (23 percent); 5) Aquarium fish (21 percent); and 6) Fish out of water (19 percent).
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