Test your computing IQ

David Strom’s Web Informant Asks…how techie are you?
Web Informant #357, 28 January 2004: Test your computing IQ
1. What are the steps you need to take to upgrade your PC’s firmware?
2. Do you have a firewall/router on your home network or personal firewall software on your computers? Bonus
points: have you ever upgraded this firmware?
3. Are you sure your anti-virus definitions are up to date on your entire collection of home PCs? Did you check
this within the last week?
4. Do you know how to share files and printers on your home network?
5. Can you successfully attach a Word document to your email, and successfully detach one that is sent to you?
6. Do you know how to change your displayed name on the header of your email messages?
7. Can you retrieve your email messages over a Web-based client remotely from the machine that you usually use at
home or at work? If you can, do you know how to do it?
8. Can you password-protect one of your Word documents?
9. Can you add comments to a Word document and share them with a co-worker so that both of you can see them?
10. Can you successfully synchronize your Palm PDA between two different PCs? Bonus points for being able to
synchronize your contacts with a third program, such as ACT, Outlook, or Notes.
11. Can you add additional software programs to your Palm?
12. Can you rip several of your music CDs onto your computer and burn selected tracks onto a new “mix” CD?
13. Do you pay your bills online and check the balances of your accounts? Bonus points if you also use the
Web-based tax preparation software too.
14. When you need to lookup a word in a dictionary, find a phone number, get directions on a map, check a train timetable or a movie listing, do you first go to the Web or a paper-based resource?
15. Do you have more than 25 people on your Instant Messaging buddy list? Bonus points if you use IM at both
work and home.
16. Do you know what FTP means and how to move files between your computer and a Web server?
17. What is the port to block for AOL IM traffic? If you know the port number, do you know how to do this on
your home network?
18. Have you ever downloaded a ring tone for your cell phone? Have you ever used your phone to send an email,
an IM or to view a Web page?
19. Have you ever used an online service to print your digital photos?
20. Have you ever connected to a wireless network at a Starbucks or someone else’s home?
Email me your answers and I’ll publish the highest IQ person