Titans of Customer Service

Many businesses absolutely suck at customer service.
Earthlink has you on hold for a long time and/or their online account access is miserable.
AT&T, try to call them about a bill and you go through voice mail PAIN and SUFFERING.
However, there are some companies, a precious few that excel at customer service. I’ll start to compile a list of them, here’s the first batch.
Palm, I’ve emailed Palm several questions about my PDA, which is not working so, I’ll plunk down $200 for another one. Guess what I emailed them late Friday (2:00am or so maybe) when I woke up on Saturday morning the full, complete, comprehensive answer was there.
Verizon, I’ve extolled them in the past and do so again now. They have superb customer service online and offline. So pleasant and nice. PS – Palms phone support, although fast is full of static and outsourced to another country. VERY Heavy accent, combined with static = a bad customer experience.
Hypermart, although their web hosting is not that great, it used to be before they were bought by Endurance Group International, their email support is fast and good.
Circuit City, this retailer is another GREAT place. I’ve plunked down several hundred dollars over the past few days AND am glad I’ve started shopping there. 1) if you lose your receipt they can print it out for you via your telephone number 2) if there’s a rebate, they print out the rebate instructions for you right from the cash register
Listen – they’re just great. Good selection (not great) and decent service.
Memorex, makers of USB hard disks and other storage media took over a week to reply to my tech support request