USA Today: Managing Tech: Spam blaster does job for Merrill

My spin: Spam is a major problem for several reasons. 1) it takes so long to delete 2) one might accidently delete “real” email 3) some spam might carry viruses or images or text offensive to many.
Companies that can find good but cost effective solutions are well served.
Junk e-mail was a minor nuisance for Merrill Lynch (MER) when it hired David Bauer as chief information security officer in 2001. But everything changed about a year ago.
The volume of unwanted commercial e-mail, called spam, soared to as much as 35% of the nearly 6 million daily messages sent to the financial services giant. Productivity suffered. Workers flooded Bauer with complaints they were spending too much time deleting pitches for get-rich-quick schemes and porn.
Something had to be done ó fast. Over four months ended last spring, Bauer and 10 co-workers sized up the problem, zeroing in on three solutions. Choosing from a dizzying array of anti-spam service companies, they picked a Silicon Valley firm, Postini, that eliminated 90% of Merrill’s junk e-mail.
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