USA Today: Throwaway society speeds decline of electronics repairmen

My spin: With prices so low and I guess with electronics lastly longer in some respects the TRADITIONAL repairperson is not needed so much. However, I was just reading an article in the recent issue of Fast Company Magazine that UPS has an entire division dedicated to managing other companies logistics and supply chain – one thing this UPS division does is electronics repair (one customer is the projector company InFocus).
You should hope you got a good warranty with that new VCR-stereo-TV-DVD player you received for Christmas. If not, when the sucker breaks, you can pretty much forget about getting it fixed because it’s cheaper to throw the things away, and electronics repairmen are harder to find these days than public beach access.
Independent electronic service technicians have been bailing out in droves for at least a decade, according to a survey conducted by Professional Service Association, an industry trade outfit
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