Verizon Wireless Launches Complete Connectivity Solution for Mobile Subscribers – Remo(TM) by Xpherix Corporation

Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless service provider, and Xpherix Corporation, the leading provider of personalized mobile connectivity solutions, today announced the launch of Remo on Verizon Wireless’ Get It Now service. For less than $8 monthly access, Remo is a powerful communications tool that provides remote access to e-mail, contacts, and calendars through an everyday data-enabled wireless phone.
Remo, developed by Xpherix Corporation, addresses the needs of millions of PC and wireless phone users who are disconnected from vital information while out of the office.
“Remo provides our customers a cost-effective alternative for accessing e-mail, contacts and calendars while away from their computers,” said Jim Straight, vice president of wireless Internet and multimedia services for Verizon Wireless. “With the launch of this solution, Xpherix continues to illustrate its ability to develop critical, convenient and easy-to-use productivity applications.”
Road warriors are not only looking for an affordable solution, they are looking to lighten the load when traveling or away from the office. Remo is an affordable solution that connects mobile professionals to critical information held in their PC and does it using the device most people carry with them everywhere — the wireless phone.
“With Remo, wireless carriers like Verizon Wireless can strengthen the relationships they have with subscribers by providing them with a powerful, comprehensive wireless data solution,” stated Nick Walker, president and CEO of Xpherix Corporation. “Remo makes mobile life easier for these subscribers when traveling. Carrying multiple devices can be a hassle in everyday business, such as travel and dealing with new airport security screenings. Remo allows business travelers to leave their laptops in the office and use their wireless phones instead.”
Using Remo’s Email function, which provides access to seven user-defined POP or POP3 e-mail accounts, subscribers can easily view, reply, and send e-mail right from their wireless phone. Remo’s Calendar function enables subscribers to view, add, edit or delete calendar events stored in their home or office computer, even when the computer is not on. Any changes made on the phone are automatically synchronized back to their Microsoft Outlook(R) calendar. The Contacts function gives access to numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses and even the notes field from applications including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express(R) or Palm(TM) software.
With the touch of a button, subscribers may also download numbers and e-mail addresses directly into the phone’s built-in phonebook. This ‘Push-to-Phone’ function eliminates the need to type in contact numbers using the phone’s keypad. In addition, Remo provides camera phone users an easy way to send pictures to friends and family without having to type out e-mail addresses.
To facilitate typing, Remo offers a ‘Quick Message’ response feature for e-mail correspondence. Subscribers may save up to 50 customized e-mail responses; the product comes preloaded with 22 ‘Quick Messages’ that users can easily tailor. Should the user need to type additional text, the application utilizes T9 mode, which predicts words based on keystrokes. Remo’s integrated contacts capability allows users to easily respond to an e-mail with a phone call without having to change devices or manually enter phone numbers.
Remo is the latest addition to Xpherix’ award-winning product set. Only two months after its launch, Xpherix’ first BREW product, iPhonebook(TM), was recognized as the “Best Productivity Application” at Qualcomm’s BREW Developer Conference. iPhonebook was quickly followed by iDatebook(TM). All three applications are available through Verizon Wireless’ Get It Now service.
Pricing and Availability
Remo is initially available from Verizon Wireless on the LG VX6000 camera phone. Subscribers can try a one-day free demonstration of Remo or download the application for just $7.99 monthly access, in addition to airtime used. Airtime is used during the selection and download process and while using the application. Get It Now-enabled phones are available in more than 1,200 Verizon Wireless Communications Stores, at participating RadioShack stores, or on the Web at
More information about Remo can be found at www.remomobile