VirtualPBX Business Phone System Now Lets Users Manage Voice Communications From Any Web Terminal

Recent upgrades to the VirtualPBX.comô hosted communications system now allow business users to monitor and manage a very sophisticated phone system from any web terminal without having to buy, install or maintain any phone switch hardware.
Incorporating a powerful new web interface, the pay-as-you-go hosted VirtualPBX Business Phone System gives users full web-based management of all phone and fax traffic as well as administrative control of system features and functionality.
VirtualPBX customers can have their voice and fax mail delivered to any email client without having to log into their phone to collect the messages. Users can also log into their phone extension over the web and have access to a message center where they can manage all their voice and fax mail. Faxes may be viewed online, edited and printed and sent via email to a user’s email client.
Additionally, a user’s extension status can be managed online by selecting the phone number in the “follow me calling” section and defining criteria such as how to be notified of voice and fax mail, when to log into and out of ACD queues like sales and support lines and whether or not calls should be screened.
Overall system administration is also controlled by the new web interface. A VirtualPBX system administrator can add, edit and delete extensions, edit the general VirtualPBX parameters, create new ACD queues, view real time status of all users (including monitoring which ACD queue they are logged into and if they are currently on a call) and view/edit multiple toll free numbers that terminate in the VirtualPBX. There is also an extensive online jukebox for selecting custom music on hold.
The Virtual PBX Business Phone System offers the same advanced call management features as expensive PBX systems — auto-attendant, voice and fax mail, automatic call distribution, etc. — without having to purchase and maintain any equipment. Virtual PBX accomplishes this by delivering its service over a commercial telephone network, thereby eliminating the need for a physical on-site PBX switch.
With the VirtualPBX service, small firms look to the rest of the world like established companies with high end, sophisticated call management systems. Each customer gets a toll-free 800, 866, 877 or 888 number with “virtual extensions” that can be mapped to any phone number anywhere in the world. All employees are integrated under a single toll free line whether they work in distributed local offices, telecommute from home or are mobile. The system also comes with powerful follow-me calling, call screening and new message paging for all extensions.
The VirtualPBX Small Business System takes less than 24 hours to install and is offered as a month to month or annual service for a one time $150 setup fee, a per extension charge of $5 to $15 per month, depending on the number of extensions in the system, and call traffic as low as 3.9 cents per minute By contrast, a hardware PBX solution equal in functionality to the VirtualPBX typically costs upwards of $75,000 for equipment alone with additional expenses associated with maintenance, upgrades and redundancy.